Speech-Language Therapy Services

Speech-Language Therapy Services

Speech-Language Therapy ServicesSpeech-Language Therapy ServicesSpeech-Language Therapy Services



Speech-Language Therapy and Evaluations

Speech and Language Pathology Services



Schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for your family.  



In-Home Services may be available to improve your child's outcomes.



 My Private Practice is based in Solana Beach, California.  I provide services to families throughout the

North Coastal Area of San Diego.



Speech and Language Services

Our services are offered to families of children who are struggling with communication.  Sometimes children are slow to begin talking or have difficulty communicating their ideas.  Some children have a lot to say, but are difficult to understand.   You may want to consider an evaluation by a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist if you have concerns about your child. 


Expert Diagnosis and Therapy

 My expertise is in the diagnosis and treatment of preschool speech and language disorders.  I work primarily with children between 2‐5, although I also work with older children. I often work with children who are late to talk, and have found success with my techniques for including parents as educators in this process. I also work with many other types of preschool language problems including problems with articulation and intelligibility, children with developmental delays, and
children at risk for academic difficulties.

I frequently work with school‐age children as an adjunct to services they might receive with a school-based Speech‐Language Pathologist. These services often include therapy for speech and articulation difficulties, reading and learning problems, and other speech‐language disorders that may not have resolved before entering the school years. 


See the Difference

Catherine Barnes, M.A., CCC-SLP

I have been a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist for 22 years.  I have worked in an outpatient pediatric hospital setting and in schools.  I particularly enjoy working with children and their parents in their own homes, to make lasting change in communication skills.


Masters Degree in Communicative Disorders,

San Diego State University 1997

Most Outstanding Student Award

California State License in 

Speech‐Language Pathology 


Certified Member of the

 American Speech‐Language‐Hearing Association.

Our Therapy Services


Speech-Language Therapy

Most often, I provide speech- language therapy with regularly scheduled appointments which follow an intervention plan developed following an evaluation. A speech-language evaluation can be completed by Developmental Communications, Inc. or another speech‐language pathologist (possibly through a school district or other clinic).


Speech-Language Evaluation

Before therapy can begin, and evaluation must be completed.  This is usually one or two visits scheduled to diagnose communication difficulties and develop an intervention plan appropriate for your child's needs.



Parent Training

Services for parents to learn facilitative techniques to improve successful parent-child communication. Number of sessions to be determined based on family needs, and child's readiness for new skill development.

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